Podcast #2: Akon Lighting Africa

Here is the second installment of FoxAutoBlog’s Podcast series. This podcast is meant to further describe the relationship between FoxAutoBlog, NEC Transit, and Instagram Academy. The photo used in the SoundCloud post can be found here from CP-Africa’s website. Enjoy!

Akon Lighting Africa
NEC Transit
Instagram Academy




Akon Lighting Africa Project Collaboration


Hello Readers,

This is Cletis, creator of FoxAutoBlog. I am proud to announce that starting this week, FoxAutoBlog will be joining forces with the Instagram Academy and NEC Transit in order to bring awareness and hopefully donations to the Akon Lighting Africa Project. Though this collaborative project, we plan to bring you a series of podcasts, videos, and information regarding the Akon Lighting Africa Project. FoxAutoBlog specifically plans on bringing an informative video about how solar and infrastructure can help develop a continent and bring economic success to it as seen in Europe and North America. Keep checking back for more updates from us, Instagram Academy, and NEC Transit and visit Akon Lighting Africa Project to discover more about the project.

Image from PlanetSave

Screencast ePortfolio Compare and Contrast

Here is my ePortfolio critique using the program Screencast-o-Matic. I found this cast extremely easy to make, after an initial issue I ran into installing the program. I first tried to create this critique using my almost new Windows laptop which I use as a desktop in my apartment. The Screencast-O-Matic site said it was downloading the software, however, the program never showed up in my downloads in Chrome. After trying to reaload the page several times to no avail, I decided to give up on my Windows laptop and tried installing it on my much older MacBook Pro. This installation worked perfectly on the Mac and I was quickly able to begin casting. Continue reading “Screencast ePortfolio Compare and Contrast”


I used Garageband to create this track and I found the software to be pretty intuitive. I took the song “The Soft Approach” off of the Free Music Archive by downloading it to my computer. I then dragged it from my desktop into the “Jingle Track” in the software. After, I recorded my voice in Garageband  in the “Male Voice Track.” The software automatically ducked the “Jingle Track” when my voice started and after it ended. After that, I cut the 15 minute song down to just one minute so there was some time before my voice started, then my voice, and then more music at the end. Following that, I used the “Fade Out” tool to create a build up and build down at the beginning and end of the song, respectively. Finally, I saved my project to disk as an mp3. Continue reading “Podcast”


Making this header was not particularly hard, however, as I often find with using Photoshop, it was frustrating. I have a decent amount of experience using Photoshop from my high school graphic design class and have used it here and there in college. I always find the software very useful, while simultaneously being very annoying. There are so many different options on the program making it very easy to get lost while using the program. Thank God for Google, though. 9/10 times when I have an issue or run into a dead end while using Photoshop, a simply query to the world’s most popular search engine will sort me right out. The edits I made were adding the little transparent car illustration in the top left corner with the name of my blog on the door. Additionally, I added a layer of the color of the background of my blog as a base layer then lowered the transparency of the layers above it so it combines better with the body of the blog. Continue reading “Header”